Foxglove Foundry:  web works & creative business forge.

We live in a world where it’s becoming increasingly harder to “Do It All” while being told  “It’s easy! We have all of this technology!”

We  small business owners are work horses and capable of carrying many loads and yet we can falter under the burden of too much information, too many details, or perhaps too many exciting ideas of our own.  As small business owners and creative people, we risk never getting our best ideas and finest work out of our heads and into the world at large.

I can help.

First and foremost, Foxglove Foundry can make  attractive, easy to navigate, affordable websites. This will help to refine your online presence so people can discover how great you are because they will find you in the first place and stick around your site to learn more.

Beyond that, I am here to offer assistance in helping you discover how amazing you are by making sure you find solid footing and can move forward with your goals, creative projects, and business ventures.


My web design is well suited to:

  • authors
  • independent and small businesses of many stripes
  • artists
  • indie or small label musicians
  • craftspeople
  • beauty professionals
  • body workers
  • tattoo artists
  • life coaches
  • therapists
  • cafés, bars & independently owned restaurants
  • self-employed  people in ‘off the beaten path’ forms of work


Coaching & Consultation:

  • I can help independent business operators & creative folks via coaching and business consultation.  I can help you bump up your appearance online and in your store/office.  I can especially assist you to work out a customer service plan and client contact approach.   I can dig in with you to find your niche based on all those ideas you are trying to implement, assist you in setting goals for  your creative or business endeavor (who says one has to exclude the other?), and generally help you move your business forward.  We can  find your space online, offline, and even some balance in your life.  I will do this & maintain your privacy.  Coaching and Consultation are completely private.

Contract Work:

  • I can help with those details that fall through the cracks because you’re a little overwhelmed running your own business or trying to get your creative work seen and heard.  Are you floored by just how much work there is to get this idea of yours rolling and how little time there is in the day?  Hire me for a short stint while you’re getting off the ground! I can handle the scut work or the organization or just do what needs doing.  My goal is for  you to have more time to help your inspiration to travel from your head out into the world.