The Future is Nigh

Hello, you’ve reached the future home of  Foxglove Foundry:  web works & small business forge.

There will be portfolio and conversation here about what I do.  But for now… it’s a mostly blank space.  Leave a comment with your email address and I’ll get in touch. In the meantime, for web design we’re especially well suited to:

  • artists
  • estheticians & other beauty professionals
  • body workers
  • tattoo artists
  • hair & nail salons
  • therapists
  • authors
  • those self employed in off the beaten path forms of work
  • sole proprietors and small businesses of many stripes

We consult about small business operations, growth, your appearance online and off, the niggling details that fall through the cracks because you’re a little overwhelmed running your own business, & etc.

Oh… and we offer assistance in helping people discover how awesome you are by making sure they find you in the first place.