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Web Design

  • Foxglove Foundry believes people want to find a personal web presence for you and one that indicates you put the effort in.  What they find can immediately affect you positively or negatively.
  • Most viewers don’t want to be slowed down by bells and whistles.  Old technology and website concepts like animation that must be viewed before they get to content or embedded music turns people off these days.  Free social networking pages are not enough to inspire confidence in your work to the casual viewer and definitely not to the seasoned web surfer.  If you’re a small business, people may not take you seriously if you only have a free page to identify yourself, they may not stick around if you have a confusing layout.
  • Foxglove Foundry believes websites for small businesses do not need to cost an arm and a leg.
  • I’m all about making it easy to find the information your viewers are there to discover in the first place.  I know where the eye goes.
  • Foxglove Foundry is about making a good solid website for the independent business owner and/or creative person who doesn’t really have the time or inclination to learn how to make one themselves. I’m also about making it possible for you to maintain it yourself, once it’s up and running.
  • Foxglove Foundry is about being affordable and keeping to a deadline.  If you get  the necessary elements to me on schedule, it will be done in the timeframe we agree upon – guaranteed.
  • I will make it possible for you to handle your website on your own once I’ve completed the design and you’re live on the internet.   This is how we’ll keep it affordable in the long run.  You can hire me to handle updates or do it yourself.
  • Foxglove Foundry just wants you to have a great website so your work has a voice for the rest of the world to hear.


SO! THAT is what you pay for when you hire me – not just the web design chops, but specific ideas about what a website should be for your viewing public as relates to the kind of online presence you need.

I can also give you some small business and technology and social network coaching.

A little more about my ethos:

Listen, I empathize with the idea that it can be far too expensive so you’re just going to stick a facebook page up there or do your own website.  But social networking or freebie websites aren’t the best way to really capture the imagination of the people you want to see, hear, discover, and hopefully pay you for your work.  Most independent owners and operators don’t have time to pull together all the necessary “internet pieces” for a cohesive presence online,  but they can handle it once it’s built.  That’s what I’m after.  I can build the framework and it won’t kill your operation budget.  No more calling (and paying) the “webmaster” because you changed your hours of operation.  Of course you can always call me up and hire me for a fairly low hourly rate to update your site, or contract with me, or even call me for business coaching or consulting about your creative endeavor!  But if you have a small budget and you know the internet is the key to people not just finding you but feeling comfortable coming to you, you’re talking to the right person.

When you’re the chief cook and bottle washer, you have so many things to do with your often compressed & precious time.  This makes some learning curves very steep,  untenably so.

Helping you avoid the “make your own website learning curve”  is where I come in. Giving your viewers easy access to what they really want to see is what I do best.  Creating at a price point that is achievable for the average owner operator or creative entrepreneur is what I love.

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