Web Design: What do I get?

What is included and what am I paying for with your web design services?

  • Foxglove Foundry is well suited to create a website built specifically for you, using whatever preferences you have for colors, layout, email addresses, hosting, and url registration along with images that create the look and feel of your business.
  • A deadline for launching your site.  As long as you give me everything I need to get your site live, I stick to the deadline we’ve agreed upon. If I’ve taken 50% payment from you, it means I can do your site in the agreed upon timeframe.  Deadlines are a critical component for Foxglove Foundry and probably for you!
  • I can come up with bold, clean, graphic elements combined with text to give a strong impression to those clicking on your site.  If you need a logo design I have contacts with graphic designers I work well with and who work affordably and come through consistently.
  • I can spiff up most photos and graphic elements for your site (some added charges may apply if you have more than 20 photos that need work)
  • I am a firm believer that most people come to your website for a Very Specific Purpose.  I know what those V.S.P.s are or can quickly assess that based on your creative & business endeavors and I can answer that with creating a website that has  a small number of “clicks to find” information.  I keep it clean and easy, with current detailing and elements with nothing to slow down the speed user who knows exactly what they want.  We spend a lot of time online these days, people are very fast in their browsing, it behooves you to keep the VSPs in mind when we work out your website.
  • Great, easy to find navigation for your users.
  • Sure, I can add Video/Audio clips,  Calendars, Setting up scheduling software, Secure forms and all sorts of options, but we’ll need to talk first.  These things may take you outside what I consider a basic web package, you can look at the pricing here on the site.
  • We will use WordPress as a template but it won’t look like a blog to the people who come to your website.  If you don’t want to make your own Squarespace site, I can help you with that too.
  • Your website will be easy to use for you, like a blog or using web based email when I’m done.  This will allow you to make changes, keep your visitors up to date on recent news or announcements, change your hours of operation or pricing, add photographs, and so on all on your own.
  • My goal as a web creatrix and pixel forger is for you to do your own updating and have control of your site.  I want you to be able to do all kinds of things yourself!  You shouldn’t have to pay someone just to add a new bit of information, telephone number, etc.  Don’t get me wrong! You can certainly pay me to do all that once we’ve got your site up, but I want you to be able to do it yourself to stay low and fast as your business changes.
  • Your website will be coded for usability on modern handheld devices but a mobile specific version is not included as part of the website build and package.  I don’t believe this is a necessary component to most websites but we can discuss this and make that decision together. I can make one for you but I will probably try to convince you that the one “works on a mobile phone” design is all you need.
  • New WordPress clients can host their website on my  server and hosting is free for one year.  It requires that you put in a little effort with me, to include timing things out so you don’t have interrupted service.
  • We can also host a site on your own server/service and I can help you set that up separately. It’s always best to host your site with me for the first few months and then move it over if you want it on your own server.  That way any difficulties or issues you have in managing your site I can handle with little delay.  Once we’re in the slot you can change the password, move the site – whatever makes sense for you.
  • I will teach you how to log in and make text changes and photo changes to your site as part of the price structure of my service.  There are design elements you won’t be able to change but when it comes to making new pages, announcements, changing text, etc. – this will be easy.  In fact, you might find you get into it and learn to design and work with the whole thing yourself from here on out.