Pricing – Web Design

 Let’s get this out in the open, I know you’re busy.

Web Design Fees:

Template Website “The Semi Custom Site”: $300-500 – a design template I’ve pre-built for WordPress using the latest or logging into your Squarespace or Wix account and making your life easier by having done this many times before.  Save the headache, throw money at the problem.  *caveat below*

  • Time Frame: 2-3 weeks or less
  • First Draft for you to view: 3-7 days
  • Launch generally happens in 2 weeks
  • Priority or Rush for a template site in 5  business days: $1000
  • You provide the elements, the colors, and the information and leave the work to me so you can get this off your hands.
  • *CAVEAT: When you want something that is not pre-boxed and a part of  your template, you move to the next price level. I’m very direct about this and as we sign a contract there won’t be surprises.  With great tools like Squarespace out there, you can do a lot yourself.  If you don’t have time or interest in that learning curve, I know how all the tricks and can make it sing. After that, I will teach you how to update your photos, text, and social information when you need to and you’ll be ready to go.

Websites with Customizations: From $750- $1500:  This is beyond the basic template.  I rely on a variety of modern elements to make a wordpress backed website that you can update and handle on your own when we are done.  We keep the cost down through keeping the site focused. We’ll talk.

  • Time Frame: 4-10 weeks, we will have it in contract.
  • First draft for you to review:  2 weeks
  • Priority or Rush for a customized website in 3 weeks: $2000- $3000

Deposit & Full Payment Schedule:

A 50% deposit *and* the necessary, agreed upon elements to create your site are required to start progress in motion and keep to the above time schedule.

The other 50% is due 30 days after your site is live and we’re all happy. I accept Paypal, Cash/Money Order, or a Personal Check.

Once I’ve received full payment I will give you the passwords and links for logging in and taking over your site.

Web Development outside the main packages listed:  $30/hour or a full 8 hour day for $200

This is my freelance rate for web development but it also covers fix-it or update projects for sites I haven’t designed.

For projects I have designed and which need updates, you can use the day rate to get a general picture but I will usually work out a lower package rate for you since I created your site from the ground up.

All freelance jobs are billed at an hour of work minimum.  I can tell you that most jobs, even the ones that seem “really quick and easy”  to you, are not less than 4 hours and probably run along the lines of a single 8 hour day.

That said, you can put me on retainer for 6-12 months.  This is something we discuss separately but I bill at a lower rate.  We can create the best option for your budget, this is just a general picture so you can get a sense of what it might cost/take to work on your site.

Hosting and Domain Fees: 1 year free when I make your site although I suggest your own hosting and we can discuss what I think works well and is well priced.

Hosting and Domain Renewal after one year:  $150/year

Email address: I can create a domain specific email address for your website.  You can have as many as you want. This is part of your main package price when I make your site.

Webmail Access:  Yup! Although you can set up your email address with any email client that allows POP3 or IMAP email, you can have a webmail log on with my hosting service.

FTP Access: Yes

Mobile Website: I will only make a site for you that can be comfortably used on handheld devices.  This is not the same thing as a mobile specific site, that is a separate design and falls under separate pricing from the basic packages and we can discuss that.  You probably don’t need a “mobile specific site”, you probably need an App and I don’t do that but I can put you in touch with people who do.

Visitor Statistics:  Yes, through google analytics or wordpress jetpack or both.

Search Engine Optimization: I automatically add a certain amount of SEO to every site, so this comes with the territory. We’ll talk about that when ready to launch.  After that initial push, working on further SEM/SEO with you will be billed at my freelance rate of $30/hour or call under packaged contract work

Can I make text changes myself?: You bet! I will give you instructions and teach you how to log in and update text, photos, social, add pages yourself  all as part of your design package.  That’s the point – I want you to be nimble and modern and not need to rely on me or anyone else.  I am here to get your site up and you comfortable and you on your own.  If you need me, I’m here later, but you shouldn’t be  in a blood contract with me in perpetuity.

Social Networking Links and Calls to Action?: Yup, if you want them we’ll put them on the site, no problem. 

Maintenance and Freelance Services

Post website launch services:

Hourly Rate (min 1 hour): $30/hour or $200/per 8 hour workday

Cost Estimates:  Page Changes and additions are about $15 per page

Photo Changes:  Approx $5 per page to simply swap out a photo,  You can do it! Don’t hire me!

Banner Creation (for link sharing, not redesigning your header):  $20

Color Palette Change:  $120+

Complete Redesign using the same functionality & elements but needing something new:  That’s a do over and we’ll talk.  Probably back to the drawing board in price, pal.

Maintenance for Existing Clients & Support:

I am happy to provide you with support and maintenance for 60 days after we’ve launched, as part of your price package.   I am balanced about this, life gets in the way and I’ll do my best to  help you out.  After 60 days I will ask you to cover my hourly rate to assist you.

The main thing here is this: I want you to be able to do this yourself, the goal of the style of site I want to create for you is one where you can make the small changes necessary without needing to hire someone for the little things (such as: hours of operation, sales, news, new images, address or telephone number changes, adding a new page to talk about something you’re doing, or even starting a blog and linking it in to your site).

After 60 days, if you’re still having a lot of trouble on your own, I will evaluate with you as to whether or not I feel I need additional compensation.  There’s a point at which I want you to be able to handle any added needs, changes, or extras on your own or will have to let you know we’re getting into territory where I may need to be paid my hourly fee.  It’s usually inherently obvious.  But you’ll be amazed, the least tech savvy people have no trouble going in and changing a line of text, putting in the bold or underline, or adding a brand new page with information and details for their viewers.  I choose to use wordpress as the engine which servers your content for its ease of use and its ability to make even the technophobic able to do it themselves.

At any point in the life of your site whether  you just want me to handle the changes for you or make additions, spiff something up, or get your new logo in a new spot on your current site (and other design-y things), view above for my freelance/hourly fee and the basic changes costs.  I still keep the cost down.

Get in touch and I’ll take it from there.