Pixel Forge: Web Design:

This is a very specific package that carries a lot of detailed information.  If you’re interested in my website services,   Click here for all the details. The short answer is, no more than $1500 for a fully realized website within 8 weeks or I won’t take the job.  I want you to be able to afford a site and get up and running.  If you’re thinking “Hey I better buy that domain and hosting package before I get in touch”  please don’t!  Get in touch first!  Also – do not buy from GoDaddy, they are not a quality host and will drive your web designers nuts, whomever you decide to go with! 

Business, Creative, and Personal Coaching:

Your first session is free, to see if my style can work for you.

If you’re wondering about budget, what I ask is $300 for a month and we’ll collaborate on what will work best for your needs before we get started.  This includes at least 2 45 minute phone calls and the ability to touch base in between for assistance (a call of 15-30 minutes, or email support, etc).  We’ll work this out together, this is just the general idea.

Some coaching requires another approach, not based on a minute by minute approach, but rather a certain amount of access and coaching with me.  I can be hired as an on call coach and consultant for 3 month blocks of time, depending on what your first month of coaching unearths for you.  This starts at about $1500 and we’ll manage the details together.

Small Business Contract Work

Depends on the Contract & depends on the type of business or creative endeavor you have! This is on a case by case basis and we’ll co-create the contract.  I view my price as similar to ‘piecework’.  Usually an hourly fee doesn’t make sense for a small business owner, but they’ll have a budget and I can work within that budget with a clear designed goal.  We need to talk, there is no one size fits all here.

Promotion and Production Management for artists and singular creative endeavors

If you’re in the creative field, you know that often it’s hard to get everything lined up while maintaining a creative space, performing, or just trying to get your big project out there so people can see it, experience it, hear it, review it. I can help.

We’ll design this on a personal conversation and ‘scope of the project’  basis.  I can either work out a flat fee or a small starting fee with a percentage based on your success and mine, when your payment or grant comes in.  If I am passionate about a creative project, I can be flexible about the time I give it.