Hello, My name is Violet.  If you’d like to know more “about me” in an official resume capacity, just ask and I’ll send you my official credentials & some web design examples (beyond just this one).

Otherwise… read on, Macduff!


A foundry  is a workshop where metal is melted, poured into a mold, and reshaped into another form.  That form can be one of your fancy  or a more useful object than it was before the raw material was metamorphosed by the hand of the crafter.  Function and form combined, a solid foundation on which to build or a well formed object which rests alone, to be admired and enjoyed, or the perfect tool suited to your purpose.

When working with the materials in a foundry, a variety of techniques can be applied in order to get to the desired final, solid, and exquisite object.

This is more than a string of metaphors, this the philosophy  behind Foxglove Foundry.

I have worked in a lot of situations over the last 20 years, with a wide variety of people.  I have made my living for the past decade as Foxglove Foundry.  My wide net of experience combines with my aesthetic sensibility, where form and function combine.  This has shaped my approach to life, business, and creative endeavors. It helps that I have a colossal work ethic and am blessed with the ability to see the large picture and then narrow down to the details in a quite fluid way.  I have one foot in the world of the independent owned and operated business and one in the world of creative thinking, and can help you work in both.

In the main, I’d say you could describe me as a person with an Entrepreneurial and Creative Mind.  I love research and learning new things.  When I was younger, this manifested in a bohemian and inquisitive approach to every aspect of life – from work, to artistic endeavors of my own, to hobbies, to travel, to my education, to living in a variety of cities and trying on more hats than any one person usually has a chance to wear in a lifetime.

Foxglove Foundry is a multi-faceted endeavor, just like my life.  Foxglove Foundry is the collection of over 25 years of trial and error, experience, success and… not always success… which I can pass along to those who can benefit from my polymathic ways.

Or, as I say from time to time  “I’ve learned the hard way, so you don’t have to!”

Fortunately I’m very good at taking what I have learned along the way and discarding what does not work while advancing and utilizing those things that do work.

All of this experience I have compiled will serve you well.  My strong work ethic and direct approach will serve you well.

If you explore the site, you’ll see I do web specific design but I also consult, coach, and for the right project will sign a short term contract to assist you in seeing  a project to completion.  Here’s a little more about that and how it all fits together….

While doing web design for a variety of people, I discovered that I naturally coached them about their niche, their market, their customer service, listened to their business frustrations and creative blocks and was  providing a variety of options and solutions along the way for them.  When implemented, these strategies worked.  I found it was a natural combination.  We had, after all, discussed their ideas in depth to get the website up and running.

In other cases, giving real feedback regarding creative blocks helped some through the process and got them to the other side.  Sometimes it was as easy as providing another point of view as an interested but not directly affected party.  Other times, it was simply that my broad experience allowed me to weave many strands together to get them through the block.

And so, in addition to making you a great website, I can offer creative and business coaching & consultation.

You may think this seems like an awfully polymathic bag of tricks, and you’d be right!  If you’re my ideal client and I am well suited to you, it won’t really surprise you that there are “so many notes” here, and this will help you know that I can understand the unique challenges you face.

The good news is I will set the time frame on paper with you, I am efficient and goal oriented.  This won’t just be a conversation that goes nowhere and another spinning out of “great ideas” that you won’t have the time to pull together.

If you’re a creative mind and/or an independent business who is trying to either get your “stuff” online while juggling all the operator duties that come with small business, if you are gripped by the various fears and questions (and beautiful chaos) that can block your creative output, my varied experiences and skills can provide the perfect amalgam to help you achieve your foundation and goal.

Foxglove Foundry can help.

Let’s get started.