Consulting & Coaching

I offer consultation and coaching for the independent business operator & creative minded individual.

For consultation, I am an active listener with a breadth of over 20 years of experience and can assist you in your endeavors.

For coaching, I use the Co-Active Coaching approach.

If your big ideas are getting bogged down in the little details, I can help you.  I’m uniquely situated to see the big picture and help you clear away the issues all business and creative people run into.  If it’s a creative block, I can help.  If it’s simply important but necessary and tedious details that are overwhelming you, I can help.

The goal is always for you to get to the work you really love and do best. We will set goals, I will ask you the right questions, hold you accountable, and you’ll push through it  more quickly.

Uniquely suited to understand the challenges of operating your one-person show or your small-team endeavor, I am that rare and fortunate flower who is a creative thinker but can get down and dirty with those boring details to help you see the forest for the trees. If you ask me to consult with you about your work, I can certainly look at what you’re doing now and help you find more efficient and easier ways to operate.  I’m not interested in strangling creativity, I’m interested in clearing the way so you have more time for that and less for those things which interrupt why you started this endeavor int he first place.

  • To artists and musicians and independent filmmakers and writers:  Business is not a bad word.  Let me help you discover that for yourself!  I understand the creative work process and can help you  value your work financially while not selling you out or stifling your artistic process.
  • To independent businesses:  You may always have many details that must be handled, but I can help you get the best from your workflow, most efficient use of the time you need to spend doing those things you normally dislike, I can help get you to the next level in the space you’re currently occupying.  Goal setting, that’s where we will start.  Accountability, empathy, and support are what you’ll find with me.

By signing me on for an extended period or booking short periods of my time as a consultant or a coach, I can offer you a much needed outside perspective.

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